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It's not bad, good art, the biggest gripe I have is that it is really slow. Fight animations ahould be real fast pace and energetic. Keep at it though.

Phantom999 responds:

Thanks for the review and cheers for the compliments and improvements you've given me. :P


The animations were short and of the six, two were actually funny. Those being, "The Sniffles " and "New Shout" the Easter egg was funny too. But the rest used that overdone "Arrow to the Knee" joke, here's the thing about memes, they usually stop being funny around the second day of existence. Props to haitam and hbrunav for making the only enjoyable animations.

I liked it.

It was really good, especially the Scooby Doo type hallway scene. Keep it up!

drodZILiA responds:

Glad you liked it, I thought people would get a chuckle out of the Scooby Doo thing.

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You can still see the play button while playing the game creating a lot of new games and musics. Concept was good and kept my attention. Good game!

Good glitchy game.

The game was good but here are a few glitches I found.

- The obtaining objects was awkward
Some times you approached an object and hit space and it didn't get the object for you. Also, you had to stand far way for some objects.

- Changing rooms was hard
When moving from one room to another it was difficult When I entered the cell from the main room I was spawned be hind the change room line, so when I walked in the cell it changed me back in the main room.

- Some Audio overlapped
When I got the pole hook it described the pole hook and how I combined it at once.

- Dialog re appeared after I was finished talking
When I talked to the brown haired ice guard the dialog options were still there after I was done talking to him.

- The audio loops poorly
When the audio starts a new loop you can tell because there is such a huge pause.

Your game wasn't bad, but the glitches made the game harder to enjoy. I hope part 2 fixes this and more!

MonoFlauta responds:

The update fix most of things there, and the second part will be a lot more better, dont worry,
thanks for the review

I love your games.

I have not played one of your games where I didn't stop and think about the plot and how it got to be like that. Very well done.

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Man I'm really grooving to the song. The nice heavy riffing over a simple beat really made the track easy to groove too. The nice industrial sound effects give a factory-esque sound to this track. I have a question, what are the vocals from? Especially the guy who says "All who oppose them are indited as warmongers." Anyway nice track.

P.S. I ruined that part for myself when I looked up the meaning of indite and found out it makes more sense as indict. But Indite sounds ten times cooler.

Good take on a classic song.

It sounds like a lot of different instruments were used, very intricate. Stays true to the original and I love it!


This an awesome beat, it's catchy, and it's really, really awesome!

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It sucks you got zero bombed, I really like this piece. I like how the colour pops at you. Well done!

PMMurphy responds:

hahah i really don't care that i got zero bombed.

I figure people take me too seriously on this site.

Thanks man i don't really draw anymore though.

I'm a wannabe coder, and musician. My musics okay I think, and I'm developing some games that are on the way!

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